Florida Investigators/ Child Support & Custody

 Battling for child custody can be one of the most painful experiences any parent or guardian could ever endure. If you know in your heart that you deserve custody of your child/children, do not step into court without sufficient evidence from a private investigator to make your case. 

 Often the future of your child and how your child will be raised will be greatly  impacted by the outcome of your child's custody case. While most custodial parents share the child's best interest with the non-custodial parents, some do not. This is a problem in the custody system when the final agreement results in large numbers of children being sent to live with the wrong parent, while the safe protective parents are denied any meaningful relationships with their children.  

 The facts provided in investigations can assist attorneys in their recommendation for sole  custody and/or child support modification.  If a parent refuses to obey the court’s visitation or custody decree, the facts provided in the investigation, can also assist the court in ordering the parent in contempt of court and modifying the custodian.

 We provide documented facts of unwarranted behavior such as:

Child Abuse/Child Neglect/Parent’s drugs/alcohol abuse

Leaving the child with babysitters while they go to bars or parties

Custodial parent living with someone who is a known sex offender, a registered felon or has domestic violence, or sexual assault allegations in their history

Leaving the child unattended with someone they shouldn’t or bringing the child into unsafe environments

The custodial parent maybe violating the court’s arrangement and/or the stipulation in the custody terms