Investigating Infidelity

Our mission is to find the truth-you decide what to do with it


When your future means everything to you and you’re serious about the results, hire the right partner. We have investigators that specialize in infidelity cases. Through discreet surveillance and undercover operations, our investigators will assist you in determining if your spouse or significant other is committing infidelity. We will document all their activities, places visited, and also, identify who they meet with. In addition, we can obtain video and/or photography documentation of all activities and of all suspects. Furthermore, we can testify on the findings in any court proceeding if needed. All consultations are absolutely Free! 

Cheating Spouses, Your Significant Other (Infidelity)


Wait a minute! This is where you draw the Line.

Is he/she cheating on you?

Right in your home, his home, her home, in your car, while you're working.

Let us check out their alibis and see what the evidence concludes.

Don’t wait for the heart break,  let us protect your heart and family.