Insurance Fraud Investigations

MidKnight’s Private Investigations provides cost-effective, result-based solutions for mitigating potential fraud.

Disability fraud is on the rise. There are many different types of disability fraud ranging from workers compensation, social security, to fake car crashes.

What is Disability fraud?

Disability fraud occurs when someone makes a false claim for injury that did not actually take place and is the recipient of payment(s) intended for the disabled from a government agency or private insurance company. Creating a medical condition in order to collect payment

MidKnight’s Private Investigation specializes in two forms of insurance claims investigations. The sectors served include workers’ compensation and disability fraud, as well as Welfare Fraud Investigation claims. This division provides investigative services for employers, carriers, insurance companies, Third Party Administrators and industry attorneys who defend against fraudulent insurance claims.

Our Fraud Investigator Digs Deeper to Uncover the Truth

Our fraud investigator prides him/her on being a hound dog, which thrives on catching the criminal. He/She has the ability to think like a criminal. During a fraud investigation, we will take on the creative mindset needed to think outside the box and pursue avenues that will lead to results

  • Disability Income and Insurance Fraud Investigation: During a disability income investigation, our fraud investigator will investigate a case in order to discover and reveal fraudulent disability claims. Our Detective will help insurance companies to discover fraudulent claims. This can help insurance companies recover significant financial savings. The goals of insurance fraud investigations include determining the legitimacy of a claim, and discovering the extent and validity of any claimed injuries.

Activity Checks & The Fraud Investigation Process

During many types of accident, injury, or other fraud investigations, it may often be necessary to perform activity checks. When performing an activity check on an injured party or claimant, our fraud investigator will visit the claimant’s residence and perform some surveillance and investigation. This will include:

  • Watching to see if the claimant can be caught performing any activities that are outside of their medical restrictions and obtaining photographic or video evidence
  • Looking at the claimant’s physical property and surroundings to uncover any indication that the claimant is performing restricted activities
  • Canvassing the neighborhood to speak with neighbors regarding any activities they have witnessed the claimant performing

Flat Rate Packages

All surveillance services are available on a flat rate basis including a variety of all-inclusive hourly packages. Flat rate surveillance packages include 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 40 hours blocks, varied days, client updates throughout the investigation and investigators strategically placed within service areas. For more information about our flat rate packages, please call us.

Be sure to call our office and inquire about our special flat rate, day by day, weekly up to 30-day Claimant Monitoring Program.